Sunday, 20 September 2015

Are we there yet? No ... and this is why - an appeal to database owners and academic libraries

I'm about to write another assignment.  This must be about my 40th serious assignment of over 2000 words requiring academic research, looking for good peer-reviewed studies, reading through 1000's of pages to try and distill exactly what is being said, whether it is of relevance (directly or tangentially), and once I'm finished that to pause and think and think and think and try to come up with some new insights, some different ways of applying the theory, some critiques that go beyond the obvious.

As I've written before, (unfair advantage, how I used to write) the true work isn't in the procuring of the articles, it's in discerning their relevance, it's in rejection rather than reading.

So why am I, Anno Domino / Common Era 2015 STILL spending so much time on the library database doing silly work.  Honestly, those who lead academic libraries and who run academic databases please tell me why this isn't easier, faster, more streamlined?  Is it me? Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

Right now I'm looking for good literature on "Classroom Libraries".  I put in a federated search. At the same time, I search Google Scholar.... (read more)