Thursday, 29 January 2015

most exciting thing since sliced bread ...

My discussions with Katie Day always lead to interesting stuff.  One such moment was reference to "threshold concepts" which she discovered during last year's ALA conference.  It was buried in her long post about the whole conference, and I'd like to dig it up and put it in the spot-lights it deserves here.  I think this is going to be "the" topic of the coming age.

Because I'm still delaying and procrastinating on my assignment on IL, I'm going to refer you to the excellent handout of Brunetti, Hofer, Lu & Townsend  which summarises it all beautifully.  I'd also encourage you to read the more extended article if you have a chance:

Hofer, A. R., Townsend, L., & Brunetti, K. (2012). Troublesome Concepts and Information Literacy: Investigating Threshold Concepts for IL Instruction. Portal: Libraries and the Academy, 12(4), 387–405. doi:10.1353/pla.2012.0039

Would love comments and ideas and musings about how and where and if this would be relevant at school level.

Brunetti, K., Hofer, A. R., Lu, S., & Townsend, L. (n.d.). Threshold concepts & Information literacy - Overview & Assessment. Retrieved from

It was also a "hot topic" in the 2014 European Conference on  Information Literacy in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Next thing on my list is to go through the conference proceedings.

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