Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Blogging frenzy

Apologies in advance for what may appear as a blogging frenzy!  After too much vacation and free time and working and getting back to school activities and a kid with a broken hand (we think, in plaster until a new xray today), I'm catching up with my work for INF506, which involves - you guessed it - MORE BLOGGING!

I also finally got around to copying and pasting my research into online social networks for international school librarians in Asia, and I need to do about 3 more OLJ (Online Learning Journal) entries for module 4 before embarking on module 5.   It's not true I "have" to do them, I think we're only assessed on 3 of our entries, but the assignments are interesting and topics worth thinking about and doing further research into, so I'm kind of making myself do it.

I'm going to have to add a few pictures to keep people interested ...  Or maybe a video.  Yes, I'll add a time lapse video my son made of our evening walk in the Botanic Gardens.  The speeded up nature makes it epitomise life here in Asia better I think!

Time Lapse Singapore - Raphael Diederen

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