Sunday, 29 December 2013

Social Media Frenzy (1)

I'm busy looking into various social media tools for International School Librarians for my next assignment.  And at the same time, I'm trying to resolve for myself what works and what doesn't to manage my own ever-increasing flow of information.  Over the next few posts I'll introduce each new tools I've found and give a link to what I've done with it.

I'll start with what I consider to be the most successful result - using to curate information flow from Twitter.  Now I must admit, that prior to doing my research I was pretty agnostic about Twitter.  I didn't really "get" it.  I didn't want a constant flow of information and my weekly updates were exhausting to look through, even if it was only 140 characters a post.  And, I think Brain Pickings tweets too much so I had a ton of stuff from them.

Then, I saw, according to the social savvy librarians in my survey, that Twitter was the highest ranked social media for professional use, and in the explanations, I was led to the hashtag #TLChat.  But then when I went to Twitter, I couldn't find a way to follow #TLChat.  So, Joyce Valenza to the rescue, as always.  She had a blogpost on how to feed twitter tags into a curated newspaper using - it's already 2 years old, but it still works perfectly - just goes to show how badly I didn't get Twitter.

Anyway, it works a treat, and here is the newspaper I made combining the hashtags for #TLChat, #EdChat and some other bits and pieces.  Now I need to make it all mobile and download onto my ipad.

Livin' and learnin'